Quality Assurance

Quality is not just a buzz word. Here at Clean Sweep we understand that the only opinion that matters is that of our customers.
Our Quality Assurance equation is simple:

Quality service = Happy customers = Long-term Relationship

Quality first starts in-house.
All employees undergo a four step-training program consisting of “Tell, Show, Do, and Review” in addition to reviewing course specific training DVD’s, manuals, and taking written tests on what they have learned. We train our employees to Think of it This Way – Would you be willing to proudly tell someone that you cleaned a particular area? Would you be willing to post a sign stating, “This area was carefully cleaned last night by (cleaning tech signature) .

Pride of workmanship drives quality.
Our professional cleaners take pride in their work. Quality is often defined as meeting or exceeding cleaning standards. However, it goes further than this. Quality is achieved by thoroughly cleaning every surface every time. The customer should be pleased with the appearance of the finished product. When a customer specifies; “clean desks and counters”, a professional standard assumes the desks and counters should be free of smudges or streaks.

Quality is measurable.
To ensure conformance to cleaning specifications, Clean Sweep will be inspecting our work using our Quality Inspection Form. We will first eliminate any items that do not apply and add any tasks not covered in the form. We will then inspect and score each task for its appearance on a scale of 1-10, count how many items are inspected and divide that number into your total score. A score of 90% or better is acceptable and will earn bonuses and merit raises for the dedicated people that clean your facility.

It’s Not Just About What We Clean. It’s About How We Clean It.
Consistent high quality commercial cleaning service doesn’t just happen by accident. It doesn’t even happen because of hard work alone — although that helps! The only way it happens, time after time, is for your commercial cleaning company to follow a series of strict processes and standard operating procedures that guide the work and ensure quality results… every time.


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